1. Can you give us some background on how Beach Aviation Group came about?

Founded in 2016 by Pam Corrie, our 50+ years of experience have firmly established Beach Aviation Group in the aviation solutions industry. Pam has a proven track record in the aerospace industry having assisted in the creation of TrueAero, in 2013 during tumultuous times in the Aviation industry. Assisting with the sale of TA and still having that drive“  to succeed in the industry leading to beginning  Beach Aviation Group while the industry was still in a stage of growth and would be for quite a few years, specifically the aftermarket.   Pam is an entrepreneur aerospace business leader that understands the importance of “work-life” balance.

We base our professionalism on the principles of old world artisanry and customer service. We are members of and actively participate, in MRO’s, ISTAT, PBExpo, ACPC, ASA, Chi Stat and other aviation events. Our five decades in aviation parts sales assures you, the client, of the best return for your investment dollar and reducing your operational downtime. We are committed to “Right Parts, at the Right Time”. We invite you to compare, talk to our customers, visit our website at www.beachaviationgroup.com. We are the problem solvers for the modern aviation family.


  1. What are your key aviation solutions?

As an ISO9001:2015, AS9120B, ASA100 accredited superior aviation distributor, we reduce operational downtime by providing quick cost-effective solutions to airlines. Internally, we are developing a streamlined process to meet customer needs.  We strive every day to be the most operationally efficient company in the aviation industry.  The leadership here at Beach Aviation Group brings a combined 50+ years of commercial aviation experience including airline engineering, major engine & airframe MRO experience, asset trading & leasing, new and used part distribution specializing in Consigned Material.  Naturally, this has allowed us to expand at a very progressive rate and offer to our customers, Right Parts, at the Right Time“.


  1. Your initial focus has been on sourcing of large commercial airframe and engine material. How is this progressing?

Beach Aviation has had tremendous success with this strategic initiative. Over the last year, the demand for the large commercial airframe and engine material has risen drastically. In addition, the grounding of the 737 MAX has had second and third order effects on other aviation platforms that have benefited us. We are continuing to refine our financial models to make smart purchasing decisions every day. We are looking to purchase more aircraft every day.


  1. Are you seeing any significant demand for regional aircraft parts and supply?

We are seeing a slight increase in regional aircraft parts and supply. This is primarily due to the aging fleet around the world.


Stay tuned for Beach Aviation Group Q&A – Part 2