Beach Aviation Group will provide review of your engine/aircraft records on-site or from our office to ensure accuracy, conformity, and compliance.

We will provide a general overview of the records, history and status of the asset.

The Survey includes;

  • Records Documentation Audit
  • Technical and Operations Manual Review
  • Maintenance Program Review
  • Findings Report

This is available on individual LLPs, Whole Engine or Aircraft.

Beach Aviation Group knows accurate engine/aircraft documentation is essential in assessing the status and value of assets. This will include audit and compilation of life limited items on the Commercial Aircraft Engine & Airframe records managementENGINES and AIRFRAME. Airworthy Directive compliance, maintenance status,  serialized equipment list reports. A summary of audit findings including compiled listings of all outstanding items and details on component life is provided.

Beach Aviation Group will provide support for your documents. We can develop marketing packages
for your engine/life limited parts/airframe.

As always, Beach Aviation Group will also convert your valuable historical documents to digital format. We provide confidentiality and security at all times.