1. What trends are you seeing in end-of-life solutions?

MRO’s are becoming increasingly more expensive and we are seeing some unusual price activity in the aftermarket sector.  Investors are becoming increasingly risky with their investments.

End of life solutions are becoming more sophisticated, and more options are available than ever before.  New technology has created a new frontier of possibilities for MRO’s, suppliers, and operators alike.  Beach Aviation Group actively engages in continuing education opportunities at conferences and seminars around the world to make sure our customers are receiving the full benefit of advancing intelligence within the industry.


  1. “Right Parts, at the Right Time.” Tell us more about this?

The whole concept behind this is Just-in-time inventory system is a management strategy that aligns raw material orders from suppliers directly with production schedules. Companies increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving parts only as they need to rebuild their engines. It requires producers to forecast demand accurately.   Our commitment is to provide the highest level of quality, integrity, personal service and value while meeting the critical needs of our customers.  To us, that commitment means having a reliable turnkey solution readily available for our clients when they need them.  Turnkey solutions are a core value that Beach Aviation Group provides.   Our process involves technical modeling which allows us to foresee the upcoming requirements of our clients and prepare a solution before the requirement arrives.  Hence, the right parts, at the right time.

Beach Aviation Group views aging engines as a win-win. If airlines and leasing companies keep them flying then we are in the business to keep them in the air with safe, reliable overhauled parts. If they retire, we welcome the opportunity to support customers with their end-of-life needs, whether that be managing their material or consign the material to Beach Aviation Group for resale to recoup any residual earnings.


  1. What is next in the pipeline at Beach Aviation Group?

Vertical expansion. Beach Aviation Group is in the process of expanding the Engine Division to provide a full range of jet engine solutions for our clients.  We are building an engine portfolio comprised of GE, CFM, PW, and V2500 engines for sale, lease, and teardown.  We have also expanded our Logistics Division with the addition of a new Hino Truck to assist with the shipping of parts, modules, and whole engines to and from Beach.  The truck has already been scheduled to deliver 12 engines to Beach this year.  The Finance Division of Beach Aviation Group has streamlined the process of analysis, utilization, forecasting, operating conditions, planning tools, maintenance procedures, and most importantly predicative analytics versus historical data to mitigate any potential industry changes.

We are striving to be operationally efficient. We recently have dedicated more time to our internal processes to make information more digestible. This is allowing us to connect the dots better and synthesize better strategies in the future. We are expecting big things in the next couple of months, please stay tuned!